CCBG Minutes March 2018

CCBG Minutes March 2018

Location:  City Hall Chamber Room

Meeting called to order by Danny Scott, President

Minutes from February 18, 2018 meeting approved.

Agenda presented.

Treasurer’s Report:  Carolyn Shaw reports

  • Beginning balance $673.26

  • Dues $180.00

  • Caney Valley Food Pantry $50

  • Mayfest $1,500 (from city of Caney)

  • CCBG banner reimbursement from John Horst $106.50

  • Ending Balance $2,509.76

  • $1,500 earmarked for Mayfest and $50 for CV Food Pantry

  • CCBG general fund ending balance:  $959.76

  • Treasurer’s Report approved.


Community Foundation of SEK account update:  

  • $250.00 – Park improvements

  • $250.00 – Caney Valley Food Pantry



Caney Mayfest. Frank LaForge and Debbie Horst reports.

  • The CCBG received $1,500 from the city of Caney.  Thank you!

  • Mayfest will be May 25 & 26, 2018

  • In process of contacting vendors

  • In process of finding a carnival

  • The Mayfest committee is actively putting together a schedule of events and will update the CCBG when finalized.  (great work committee members!!)


Meggin Waggoner.  No other events to report on.

Marketing & Promotion

Grocery Store.  Fred Gress reports.

  • Waiting on information/response from the pre-application sent to K-State.


Carolyn Shaw reports.

  • Business membership – 3 new and 1 renewal

  • Individual membership – 5 new and 7 renewal

  • 2017 total membership was:  29 individuals and 16 businesses

  • Frank LaForge proposed we create an ad listing all the present CCBG members and challenge others to become members also.  Ads will be paid for by local businesses.

  • Carolyn shows the group a sign that will be made to give to the businesses who become members.  The sign will say:

                               Caney Community Betterment Group Logo

                                           Member 2018

                               Thanks for contributing to our community


Grand Opening Event.  Trina Reed reports.

  • Grand opening for the Auto Ranch, 209 S. McGee, Caney.

  • Saturday, March 17, 2018.  11am – 1pm

  • Hamburgers and hotdogs will be served.

  • Please plan to attend to support Caney’s newest business!

  • Future grand opening event:  Frank LaForge’s Insurance relocation.

         More information to come.


Other:  Business development meeting being planned to discuss how we can help Caney Businesses.  More information to come from Danny Scott.


Community Service


Seek God for the City 2018.  Kim Bright reports.

  • Remaining events:  Sundays at 4:00 pm

         March 11 – Meet at Caney Historical Society Sandstone Building

         March 18 – Meet at Caney Family Dental


         March 25 – Meet at the Caney Rec Center.

            This will be a prayer walk in the rec center.

            Encourage all members to attend and walk & pray or sit & pray for

            communities, churches, businesses, families, schools, government, etc.

            Prayer topics and prayer guidance will be posted.


Caney Valley Food Pantry.  Kim Bright Reports.

  • Special thanks to Janette Buster and Dorothy Shaffer for the many hours they have put into the Food Pantry.  Thank you city of Caney for the use of the building.

  • Food Assistance Application presented.  Voted on and approved by CCBG.

  • Caney Valley Food Pantry Rules and Regulations presented.  Voted on and approved by CCBG.

  • Annual 2018 Poverty Guidelines for the United States presented as a way to determine eligibility to receive from the CV Food Pantry.  Voted on and approved by the CCBG.

  • Letter to businesses and churches asking for assistance:  Prayer, Financial, Non perishable canned & boxed food and Volunteers.  Voted on and approved by the CCBG.

  • Encouragement given to CCBG members to volunteer.  Call the CV Food Pantry at 918-766-2060 for more information.


Parks & Pool – Need someone to volunteer to lead this subcommittee.  Looking for someone who has a heart for our city parks and city pool.  A desire to seek ways to improve the city parks and pool. There is money available we just need to write grants to obtain the finances.  Please prayerfully consider leading this subcommittee.


Other business:


Website update.  Mike Waggoner reports.

  • In progress.  Mike pulled up the site on a laptop and showed us what has been completed so far.  Great job Mike. Special thanks to Elton Mayfield for creating the page.


Boy Scouts. Roy Shaffer reports.  

  • Work on three Caney signs still in planning stage.


Paula Benson reports that MAC (Montgomery Action Council) will be meeting March 15, 2018 to vote on the Caney Community Betterment Group becoming an ex officio board member.


Voted and approved to adjourn meeting.


Next Meeting


Date:  April 12, 2018

Time:  6:30 pm

Place:  City Hall Chamber Room


Prepared by:  Kim Bright, Secretary

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