Caney Cash

Need a great gift idea?

The Caney Community Betterment Group Foundation is working to help our local businesses by creating a project named Caring for Caney. As citizens, business owners and people who are invested in Caney, we want to help our community grow and prosper.

This fun twist to the traditional gift card is great for birthdays, graduations, Christmas… or just because!  Simply call Community National Bank at 620-879-5500 or complete the online form, paying with a credit card via PayPal. Gifts can be given in $5 increments and will have the business name on them to ensure they are spent at that location.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3:
1) You select a business to support.
2) CANEY CASH is printed for that business.
3) CANEY CASH is given to you or can be mailed to the recipient.

By giving donations through this project using CANEY CASH, you can rest assured that 100% of your donation will be sent to the business you choose to support. Because of great partners like Community National Bank, there will be NO FEES for any mail or in-person transactions.  Online fees will be covered by donations from CCBG members.  This means a completely free alternative to a gift card that will be helping a local business, all while providing a unique gift to a family member or friend. 

Caney Cash

Business List

Amy Rae Salon, 108 E. 9th, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-2483

Anissa’s Hair Salon, 209 S.  Spring, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-306-6066

Big G’s Burgers & More, 100 S. McGee, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-2912

Blue Sky Liquor Store, 400 N. McGee, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-5050

Caney Agri-Service, 600 W. 4th Avenue, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-2421

Caney City Library, 211 W. 5th Avenue, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-5341

Caney Drug Pharmacy, 208 W. 4th Avenue, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-5822

Caney Valley Historical Society Museums, 306 W. 4th, Caney, KS, 67333,620-879-5131

Caney Vet Clinic, 501 N. Wood, Caney, KS 67333, 620-879-2267

Casey’s General Store, 102 N. McGee, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-5395

D&L Automotive, 410 N. McGee, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-2588

Dollar General Store, 505 Black Dog Trail, Caney, KS 67333, 620-879-5292

Eggberts  Restaurant, 610 N. McGee, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-306-6052

Forasteros Mexican Restaurant, 201 W. 4th Avenue, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-2288

Gabbie’s Flea Market & Old Fashion Soda Foundation, 204 W. 4th Ave., Caney, KS, 67333, 620-515-2212

Gary’s Barber Shop, 400 N. McGee, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-5050

Gary’s Garage Museum, 6th Avenue & Highway 75, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-515-5240

Greg’s Place, 1532 CR 1425, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-2750

Iron Revolution Fitness, 208 ½, S. McGee, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-330-2114

Jo’s Liquor, 201 S. McGee, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-2722

Leroy’s Guns & Ammo, 106 W. Orange, Caney, KS  67333, 620-879-2463

Patriot Service Co. (Porta Potties), Caney, KS, 620-306-1125

Main Street Auto & Tire LLC, 101 W. 4th, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-306-6008

Montgomery County Chronicle, 202 W. 4th, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-2156

Myrtle’s Market Flea Market, 114 N. Vine, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-515-0769

North Star Metal Works Retail, 502 N. McGee, Caney, KS 67333, 620-322=1992

Pizza Hut, 403 N. McGee, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-5660

Safari Zoological Park, 1751A CR 1425, Caney, KS 67333, 620-515-2885

Salsman Oil Company, 211 S. High, Caney, KS 67333, 620-879-5245

Scimeca’s Antiques, 408 E. 3rd Avenue, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-5419

Shear Hair & Beauty, 408 E. Taylor Avenue, Caney, KS,67333, 620-515-5933

Smith Auto & Tire, 205 N. McGee, Caney, KS, 620-306-6013

Sonic Drive In, 223 E. Rose, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-2172

Southern Belle Nutrition, 200 W. 4th Avenue, Caney, KS 67333, 918-440-8455

Suburban Styles Hair Salon, 118 N. Hooker, Caney, KS, 620-879-2206

Third Street (King) Auto Repair, 3rd & Smith, Caney, KS, 67333

Thomas Tree Service, 905 N. Wood, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-725-5722

Thornton Graphics LLC, 500 E. 6th Ave, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-879-2345

Treasure Thrift Store, 219 W. 4th, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-270-1289

Up Against the Wahl, Glass Art Stained, Zoe Wahl, 127 W. 4th, Caney, KS. 620-205-9175

Wood Street Hardware,(Robert & Kate Greer), 728 N. Wood, Caney, KS, 67333, 620-252-8116